Tips for Self Improvement

Once in a while, we are should do a SWOT analysis on our self and look at our own weaknesses and strengths to improve only for the betteer.

1) Quit a bad habit

Take Rest from the hassle

Its time to bid adieu to that bad habit or that addiction which you know is wasting your time or harming you and your inner soul for sure such as any game like PUBG, or that smoking habit or being a grapevine communicator, etc. Instead of wasting your valuable time on these things, why not making that time productive by doing something worth such as reading, writing, traveling or by simply taking that evening walk to feel that evening breeze.

2) Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

Hesitate eating outside and completely stop the unhealthy stuff. I know its difficult but it’s not impossible. Start with smaller goals then eventually you will end up leading a healthier life which is beneficial for your own good. Increase the portion of green vegetables, dry fruits, fruits, salads in your diet and notice the changes.

3) Start a good practice for physical fitness

Be the Fitter Version of yourself

Self Improvement starts with dedication and a routine to follow regularly. Physical fitness should take the front seat for bringing positive changes in your life. Include yoga or gym or running in your daily routine and notice the pros of these activities in your body as well as on your thoughts.

4) Retrospect

Retrospect Today
Be better Tomorrow

Compare your today’s achievements with that of yesterday’s and retrospect what went well today’s. Take a lesson from today’s activities and improve on that field tomorrow. Check your todays win with yesterdays failure and celebrate.

5) Journaling


Writing on a journal and noting down your daily activities with improve your time management skills and help you to lead the life in a more disciplined manner.

6) Motivation through good books

Be motivated by Good Books

Steve jobs or Paule Coehlo or Kalam!! Choose any motivational writer whom you feel connected to and start reading good motivational books. Trust me it will change your perspective towards life by knowing the struggles others face in their life and it will improve your behavior towards others.

7) Spend time with your grandparents

Daily Hassle life
Unmatched Love and Affection of elders

After the daily hassles, you must be in the urge of care and affection and it can be best reciprocated if you have grandparents. Spend some time with them at least once a week. That meeting can empower you with positivity and knowledge which you may miss once they leave this planet. Always remember they love you genuinely.

8) Ditch the Social Media for a while and relax

Take a Break from the Virtual World

Ditch the social media(on metro if you use regularly) Instead Read the newspaper or listen to your favorurite track in that time.

9) Learn new words.

Gamble with Scramble

Increasing vocabulary can be fun if done on a regular basis and in a playful manner such as jumbled word games, etc. Just note down new words you come across and maintain them in your notes. You need to be proactive while you play some games to add new words in your vocab list.

10) Be humble.

Humble everyday

This is self-explanatory I assume. But if you are already humble, Be more humble..

Note: The calligraphers here are done by RJ Taleha Khan

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