Defeating Terror

Scene Description
A moving metro train where a girl is sitting listening to music on her phone. Scene The train leaves one platform and moves toward the next station. A young boy enters the metro compartment . The same compartment a young girl named Ananya is sitting and tuning into the radio. She glances around while tuning in to radio and looks at the young man. The man who had quite recently entered the same compartment as hers. The youthful lad was wearing a dark pathani ensemble matched with traditional footwear. He could be 6 ft tall. In his first impression, the guy can be mistaken to be from Kashmir for his fair skin and sharp facial features. She continued listening to the radio and shifted her view from the guy to her co-passengers. She hears in a radio declaration “Be cautious, Be Safe” after the recent terror attack in the country. The announcement further continued to alert people by saying, “If you find any unidentified bag, do not touch it. Call the police immediately. And if you find anyone suspicious, inform the nearest police station.” The person Kashmiri-looking-guy was writing / scribbling something in his notepad while glancing around. First, he gazed at one aged lady, kept his look settled on her for a few seconds. And continued jotting down something in his notepad. A short while later, Ananya found him shifting his gaze at a young man. this time followed by the same old incessant scribbling.
Meanwhile, after listening to the declaration on the radio Ananya was under stress. Who wouldn’t be if they notice what Ananya did after the announcement? Soon after, she notices the guy and sees that he sported a heavy beard along with long hair tied back in a ponytail. In her mind, Ananya thought him to be a psychological oppressor or trickery. Some one whose exercises were not normal. She felt the urge to tell everyone to observe his activities and catch him before its past the point of no return. But the bystander effect got on to her and she was reluctant to do anything about the gripping situation. After one of the stations, an individual got down from a similar side where the young lady was sitting. As soon as these it became vacant, the pathani wearing guy shifted there. Now there were two people sitting between Ananya and the suspicious guy. Ananya’s entire focus shifted to checking out what he had been scribbling. since the time of boarding the metro. She endeavored to look from the corner of her eye. Now the entirety of her spotlight fixed on his pen and scratch pad. Somehow she managed to get a glimpse of what he had been doing all this while.
She immediately felt a lump in her throat and taken aback by what she saw. She wanted to apologize to the guy she had no clue about. but also who she did not take even a minute to judge and think of as a terrorist. The poor guy was actually a doodle artist and from the time of boarding the metro. he had been scribbling cartoons of the passengers. And to her surprise, the reality contradicted her imagination. Ananya observed that the guy was an expert in his trade. It only took a few seconds and a couple of glances to complete doodling one person. She laid her head back in dismay. And took a deep breath and laughed at herself on the inside for being stupid and pessimistic. She then thanked God for what she had experienced. She was at peace after learning that one should never judge a person on the basis of their appearance. Ananya defeat her thoughts related to the terror and won the battle against terror.
There is always a side unseen to every story. Only an open mind and a clean heart can save you from the disappointment of a failed judgment. But BE SAFE and ALERT to respond whenever you find any suspicious activities around you. Like Ananya who did very well by observing the skeptical activities. And only after she defeated her fear, she stopped.
Few lines for the people who are suffering from despicability:
Yeh berukhi ye nafrat, sath kyu hai tere? Zamana itna bura bhi to nahi, Zara muskura Kar To Dekhiye.
Note: We must stand together in solidarity and defeat the groups who support terror.

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  1. I also saw many people making sketch just by watching other person in metro and yes you have to be very careful during traveling.

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