Champa Gali – Secret Date zone, part of Hidden Delhi

It’s less than a month for Valentine’s week – the most anticipated time for the lovers to show up. Are you in difficulty to choose where to go on a secret date to some hidden places in your city? Are you looking for best social street cafes? Champa Gali in the boulevards of Said-ul-Ajab is one such spot that will keep you charmed and have you coming for more. A transformed spot from a used-to-be single path of cowsheds and furniture shopping over the last years. Champa Gali has designer studios, Comedy studios, salons, handicraft stores-and all of this in a very baroque lane.

A calm and well-known spot for the few, Champa Gali draws in the cream of the crowds. It is the mystery Parisian path of Delhi for its one of a kind street and lovely passageway. Making the spot magnificent is the entry passage, the food, the reading room thus substantially more.

The Ambience and Passage

The primary thing which strikes when you enter here is the attractive path that is poetic in its particular manner. Under an astonishing entryway, this little Paris doppelganger in Delhi makes for the ideal atmosphere with the night lights. And it can be the ideal place with your special one over a steaming cuppa coffee.

Food and Caffeine

Are you a coffee lover? Or a foodie? Or someone who loves trying out cuisines? If yes, then this is the perfect place for you. With bistros like Blue Tokai, Morello’s Cafe, Social Street, etc., Also, you can go all out on the many flavors of handcrafted espresso & black coffees as well as simple shots. Don’t miss the Peach Iced Bubbled Tea at the Phoking Awesome.

Handmade stuff

This is another attraction for the shopaholics interested in handmade weaves like clothes, journals, embellishments, diaries or house ornaments. While hopping in the market further you may find pieces of stuff like hand-made Ludo and chess set which can strike a chord with your childhood nostalgia moments.

Reading Room for Book Lovers

Jugmug Thela, like the name, is always bright and awesome. It’s Jam-packed most of the time as this is a major attraction for books and coffee lovers. There is a corner table under a tree, which is a favorite for Shutterbugs. Sitting there with an espresso or tea, you can’t resist looking at life and contemplating pure existence. This reader’s zone will offer you a chance to think over coffee, read, compose for passion and meet like-minded people.

Harmony and Peace

Consider this spot one of your preferred date spots for its quiet and calm ambiance and for being away from the city’s chaos. Hence, Come, drop yourself and absorb a little harmony at Champa Gali.

How to get there: Nearest Metro Station is Saket from where you can take a brisk auto/cab to Champa Gali or if the weather’s good then walks the 10 odd minutes.

Where else to go: Before or after, you can head to Qutub Minar, Tughlaqabad Fort or the Asola Bhati Wildlife Sanctuary- all of which are in a 5-20 minutes’ drive radius from here. Lastly, to top up the Champa Gali experience try out the other places in Delhi to spend with your special someone.

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