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When I was in my mid 20’s, my eyes started to get dark circles and puffiness. There were products like eye creams, gels etc for a quick solution but I was a bit reluctant to try and experiment with any sort of chemicals. Over the last few years, I have added some remedies to my beauty diary to get rid of dark circles and the puffiness and darkness went away and hasn’t returned. If your eyes shine without any dark circles, you automatically look younger than your actual age.

1) Olive oil: is extraordinary for healthy skin and provides dark circles a little glow. Vit K in olive oil helps in normalization of the skin tone with no side effects.
How to use: Start applying it before sleeping at night and leave it overnight. Clean your face the next morning and notice changes.
Always clean your eye makeup using olive oil(not the makeup remover)). Apply olive oil directly over the kajal/eyeliner and then clean your eyes using wet cotton pads.

2) Green Tea for the rescue

Putting blended green tea bags on the eyes for a brief span period enables to treat dark circles. It lessens the puffiness by contracting the veins. Green tea takes a shot at dark circles by diminishing the expansion of the veins under the eyes.

How to use: Keep the Green tea bags in cold water and apply the wet bags under eye for around 15 minutes. Wash your face afterward with cold water.

3) Ice Ice baby

Dark circles are visible when the blood flow under the eye reduces. Ice Cubes make the skin cold and help in relaxing.
How to use: Rub the Ice cubes over dark circles every day till it melts down.

4) Rose Water

Rose water has Anti-Aging properties which wipe out the skin redness and dirt particles and also helps in cell formation after damage from sun and pollution. It helps in lightening of dark circles if used on a regular basis.

How to use: Wash your eyes with rose water.
Apply rose water under eye directly using a cotton pad and let it soak.

5) Get more sleep

When you are deprived of sleep, this is a major cause of the occurrence of dark circles. To anticipate them, sleep and relax to abstain from constructing veins in your face. Make sure to use a pillow which can likewise stop liquid collection that causes puffiness.

6) Cover up With Sunglasses

Do not forget to step out without sunglasses else all your hard work of eye care will go waste.

7) Facial Exercises

There are some eye exercises which enables blood circulation and toning of the muscles. You can try those for reviving the youthfulness of your under eye skin.

Note: Blog on Facial Exercises coming soon!! Stay tuned for new post.

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  1. You can also use paste of harad …in a single application … You will notice a major difference.
    Amazing tips…looking fwd for more

  2. I have the problem of the dark circles and am looking for the natural remedies for the removal of the dark circles. This content gives me a lot of information anout to preventation of dark circles . Thanks for sharing this.

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