Hair Care for those Good Hair Days

The disturbing time pertains throughout the year when you face problems such as hair fall, frizzy and scalp damage due to the humid climate or chilly winter winds or sun heat. Your hair automatically loses the density and shine which can definitely spoil your mood and restrict you to enjoy.
Do not worry as we are suggesting easy hair care tips which can maintain the hair moisture as well as make your hair look great all together.

Wash with care

  1. Wash hair twice a week with mild shampoo and conditioner properly. For rest of the days, you can wash your hair by mixing the shampoo with water in a mug so that shampoo is not directly applied on the scalp. Proper washing will provide sustainability to your tresses by keeping it clean and also take off any infections caused due to dryness or dandruff.
  2. After washing use a cotton and soft cloth to wipe your wet hair. You can use your old cotton-shirts or Tops in this case. Avoid towels as they are hard and they can enhance the chances of hair-tearing while wiping. Curly hair girls can go for plopping.

Oil for Nourishment

  1. Oiling is best for the nourishment of hairs for all seasons. But during monsoon, it should not be skipped as good hair massage can help in new hair growths as well as making the roots firm.
  2. Properly Oil your hair at least once in a week with any of these oils:
    • coconut oil mixed with Vit E tablet for maintaining smooth texture
    • olive oil for new hair generations
    • almond oils for nourishing your hair
  3. Steaming after oiling is very beneficial for hydrating and increasing the smoothness of the hair.

Hair Packs as rescue

  1. Mixture of Fenugreek powder, Soapnut powder (reetha) and shikakai can work magic on hairs. The mixture will help to remove dandruff quickly and also provide smoothness of the hair. The ingredients in the mixture can boost hair growth by adding vitamins and minerals. Keep the pack for 15-20 minutes and then wash hair with normal water.
  2. Make a mixture of 1 tbsp. honey, 3-4 drops of lemon, little bit rose water and 2 tbsp. curd in one bowl and apply it on your hair and scalp. This will help in removing the dirt particles present in the head and after wash, you can find your hairs conditioned naturally.
    Protect your hair by covering
  3. Are you afraid of hair damage due to winds of winter or sun exposure? You need not worry anymore as this can be handled by this reminder. Always cover your hair when you are out to avoid dirt particles to directly reach your scalp. Try to use headscarves, hat or cap for covering your hair which in turn will reduce the chances of frequent split ends which is caused due to regular exposure to sun.

Follow the above-mentioned hair care hacks to keep your tresses protected and strengthened for life.

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