The pandemic has hurt many industries like Travel, Aviation, Real estate, etc and everything has almost come to a standstill. Likewise, the Fashion Industry has also fallen 70-80% since the virus has reached our lives(this halt is a comma, not a full stop). All the industries are now working on crisis management and trying to come out of this economic contraction. But apart from this, the good news is that the environment is at a good pace and earth breathing again. Animals, birds, Aquatic animals are coming out for reclaiming their existence amidst the global lockdown across the globe.

This has also come under observation that toxic gases and carbon emissions have reduced to a greater extent which in turn helped in the clear sky and clean river. Why not learn a few lessons from this chapter and decide to help nature likely? When life will be back on track, why not consider a few steps to follow so that at least our contribution in causing carbon to nature reduces. Every individual contributes to carbon emission and leaves their footprint on earth with their choices. Even the type of mobile network or the duration of one’s call contributes to CO2 equivalent emissions. The major portion of the carbon footprint comes from an individual’s wardrobe.

What are your fashion habits? Are they impacting the environment? Are you even aware of how much carbon emission/carbon footprint is caused by your wardrobe? Check your closet and you have all the answers hidden there itself. Apart from that, there is a tool – Fashion calculator by “thredUp” ( a second hand clothes site launched by Emma Watson )  which will help you to make conscious choices while shopping and indulge in some habits which reduce the carbon emission to the environment.

Carbon footprint:

The carbon impression is your carbon impact on the planet. It is your little or more contribution to producing harmful compounds which in turn affects the ozone.

Fashion footprint :

Fashion Habits like shopping, washing clothing, choice of fabric, etc that contribute to carbon emissions

How it can be calculated?

By different behaviors like buying, caring of clothes, and disposing of using a tool described in the below section.

Although, sustainable fashion has taken place in our life still more than 80% of women/men have no idea how to diminish the fashion footprint or the carbon emission caused by their fashion choices. So,  thredUP’s Fashion Footprint Calculator comes in picture in giving accurate data result to help in making an environment-friendly decision. If you are or if you think you are Green King or Queen then, you can take the below quiz through this fashion calculator to discover your impact of carbon caused by clothing and what can be done.

Link: Calculator

Few Key points to monitor and to make a  change :

1) Buy Less and even if you are buying try to Opt for organic brands

2) Jackets, Dresses (with nylon, silk) and Denim are most carbon-producing material

3) Opting for the delay in shipping reduces carbon impact by 50%

4) Giving cold water wash to your clothes reduces carbon impact

5) Sustainable fabrics like Linen, organic wool, hemp, or bamboo are the best to use.

6) Cotton still a better choice

7) We should all be increasingly wide awake and give chance to second-hand stores and help the process of recycling

8) Rent it Out or Borrow from a friend

9) Garments to be hand washed especially synthetic or polyester fabric

10) Go for Quality rather Quantity while purchasing

11) Recycle your wardrobe and try new fashion looks with one piece of cloth by Repeating

12) Don’t Throw away clothes, rather Donate

Fashion pollution is a bigger problem and if both the consumers and producers make some positive improvements, this will definitely happen in a long time to come. Change in choices in Closet of individuals can make a sustainable future of style and fashion.

“The more we understand the effect of our design decisions, the simpler it is to settle on smart choices.” Let’s learn for better from these current unavoidable circumstances and pledge to help nature in the smallest possible way.

You can contact us for more such tips through this link.

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