Travel Essentials for Skin, Body and Hygiene

Are you planning to travel to the mountain in this winter and experience the chill? Don’t forget to carry some important listed kinds of stuff while traveling so that you don’t regret later.

Lip Balm and Moisturizer: When you travel to the hilly areas there are chances of skin getting rough and dry. There is a constant requirement of lip balm and body lotion to protect your skin. Choose wisely any good branded lip balm and body lotion. Always carry cocoa-based moisturizer with you for providing proper nourishment to your skin throughout the journey. To keep your hands smooth apply the moisturizer after washing hands or playing with snow.


  • Lip balm by the body shop
  • Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer
  • Vaseline body lotion

Sunscreen: Carry at least 50 SPF sunscreen along with you in the hilly zone for walking around the scenic beauty freely and having no worry in mind about tanning. Sunscreen is highly recommended to protect you from mountain sunburn as well. This can be your best friend while traveling.


  • Neutrogena SPF 50
  • Lotus Herbal Safe Sunblock

Face wash: Always carry a skin suitable face wash along with you when traveling to uphill locations to wash away the dirt on regular basis.

Wet Wipes and Tissue paper: If you are on a road trip this is must to keep wet wipes with you because this is the time you would not get water to clean your face. In this time wet wipes can be used for cleaning the face and hand dirt. Also, you can carry dry tissue papers.

Oil: Do not let the skin get dry in the hilly regions. Olive oil or almond oil can be very useful in keeping the skin moisture intact.

List of some Miscellaneous Kinds of Stuff for women that can also be carried:

a) Pee buddy: This is a revolutionary product that can be very effective for women when they are on outdoor trips. Pee buddy maintains the proper hygiene when you are on road trips and usually get not so well maintained toilets on the way. This use and throw stuff is a must for women to keep them away from the dirt while urinating.

b) Cleanser and Cotton pads: Carrying a cleanser is must while traveling because if the dirt and dust stay longer on your skin then it can cause breakouts. Clean your skin with cleanser using cotton pads and feel refreshed.

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