Post pregnancy I have found my skin turned dull and lost all the previous glow. Especially after postpartum, I found my skin dry and patchy. I was looking for some quick solution to get my skin health back to normal. I want to Thank Vasu healthcare products – R&G Vitamin-C Face Serum and R&G Face Wash for the quick skin rescue. I got two essential products which can be used daily and found prominent changes on my skin and its texture. R&G is established for environmentalism, a pledge to health and a commitment to hands down the best skincare schedule.

R&G Vitamin-C Face Serum

R&G Vitamin-C Face Serum gives skin brightening, aids in fading dark spots & evens skin tone. I tried this excellent serum on my face which lost all the glow. Now this is a must in my regular Skincare routine.

  • This serum helped my skin reducing dark spots remarkably.
  • Even skin tone after using it regularly.
  • After Applying R&G Vitamin-C Face Serum with moisturizer, it helped in providing complete moisturizing of my skin.
  • Reduced fine lines and found my skin lightened after regular use.
  • Got Vibrant and healthy skin after using the serum twice daily.
  • Prevents premature ageing of skin
  • This Acta as an anti-oxidant against environmental damage.
  • Vit C in the serum helps in brightening and clear tone.

R&G Face Wash

I was looking for a face wash that help in deeply cleansing of skin and brighten as well. R&G Face Wash does all that for me and more. It helps my skin keep soft and smooth. It deeply cleanses my skin and leaves it looking bright and clear.

R&G Face Wash cleanses, exfoliates & brightens skin. It also removes dead skin cells, helps to reduce pigmentation & dullness to uncover healthy, younger & brighter skin.

  • Perfect for my skin type i.e combination of both dry and oily.
  • Clear and cleaner skin tone after using this face wash
  • Found Fragrance of the face wash is amazing
  • Natural glow and helps in reducing the dark spots after regular use
  • For Best results, moisturize skin after washing the face
  • This face wash Leaves skin healthy and clean
  • Face wash Brighten the skin and deeply cleanses dirt on skin
  • This product Helps in boosting collagen synthesis
  • Face wash Eliminates Dirt and Pollution from the Skin Pores, Makes Skin Appear Soft and Smooth And Gives Brighter and Clearer Skin
  • Assists with decreasing Pigmentation and Dullness to Uncover a Healthy, Younger and Brighter Skin


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You can also check the Instagram profile Link : R&G(@roseandgold_india)


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