Letter to Goddess Durga,

Navratri has started and Durga puja is around the corner. There is a different feeling this year, unlike other years due to obvious reasons. What if there are restrictions to go out on puja? What if there are no new clothes for puja for the first time in the last 3 decades? What if there will be no Ashtami Onjoli this time? What if there will be no meeting with the immediate family, extended family, and Para Members(colony residentials)? I will still be celebrating you and joyfully feeling your presence around me and will hope to get your blessing this year as well. I am filled with so many emotions to write to you about.

As you know, Pandemic has taken over our lives and we are bound to follow certain norms. Nothing will be the same this time due to a slight change in Devil’s role from Mahishasur to the virus. We are sorry that everything will be low key. Your size of idol might have reduced from 80 feet (highest till now in history) to 3-5 feet but our love and attachment for you are unmoved. Love doesn’t come in sizes and widths, but it does come with emotions. There might be millions of people around the world who would be a little agitated and upset due to the current situation. But I have a belief that you will shower your blessing on all of us this year likewise. There might be skipped in some rituals in your welcoming but Human-made customs and rituals come secondary to you. Isn’t it? What’s more important is true devotion. You are aware of the fact that I am not a staunchly religious person, I will not be missing much about the custom stuff. What I will be missing is your vibe that I have grown up to and celebrating your physical presence in the form of a deity idol.

Maa, you are very special to us. All the lives you have implanted in us to follow the path of dharma and how to make a balance between the extreme differences. You are a symbol of Altruism. Isn’t It slightly mystic that you are both Gauri (Fair) and Shyama (dark)? You are Parvati ( homemaker) and Kali(goddess of destruction). You have traits of both feminine and masculinity (an eternal form of Adi Shakti). Not to forget, you have taught us patience and perseverance. Isn’t it strange How dedicatedly every year you enter earth and behead demon buffalo on Dashami Just like Shri Ram killed Ravana on the same day (Dussehra)? This year the demon buffalo and Ravana has been replaced by “you know who”. It not only the virus but our fear, failure, and weaknesses to tackle this situation. I cannot shy away from this reality and therefore, I ask for providing us strength, Maa, to stand by our side. May you help us by slaying all the negativities that have clasped us.


Mahishasur never had any chance in front of you to fight. Yet you fought with him and freed earth from the demonic creature. Mahishashur is nothing but a metaphor for all the negativities and bad vibes. I believe this year also, no negativity can withstand against you and will vanish eventually.

There will be no PANDAL to hop around and no egg roll plate to finish. No Bhog , No shidur Khela, and No Dhaker Awaj. But for me, the celebration will not stop. Not on a mental level at least.

Bless Earth,

Your child

AAshche Bocchor Nishchoi Hobe

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