Five Basic Skincare Dont’s for All Skin type

A decent skincare routine not only assist to keep skin problems under the bay. But it can help to keep skin healthy and glowing. Few basic rules need to follow. Especially, Dont’s which are easy to follow first. This is why putting the list which suits every skin type.

1) Do not rub Skin with Towel

Consider the phrase as a Skin Care Tip – Do not rub, instead pat. If possible, try to use a cotton cloth to wipe your face in place of a towel which is usually rough and not good for your skin.

2) Do not leave your neck while moisturizing

Neck Skin is very soft and delicate and is prone to wrinkles and sagging. It is advisable to moisturize it daily and never miss the neck area while applying sunscreen or night cream.

3) Do not neglect essential oils for skin

From acne and wrinkles treatment to providing skin calm effect, this old tradition of applying essential oils on the face works wonders if followed. If your skin is oily, then you can apply a few drops along with moisturizer or sunscreen for regular use.

4) Do not Exfoliate daily

Daily Exfoliation causes breakouts and irritation by removing the top layer of your skin. It also results in stripping off natural oil from your skin.

5) Try not to Keep Touching Your Face

Touching your face increases the chances of transfer of dirt or bacteria from your fingers to your face. If you want to stay away from breakouts and clogged pores, this comes under the major list of Dont’s for healthy skin.

6) Never apply night creams or moisturizers during day time

Applying PM-products during daytime is as bad as using expired products for the skin. PM products use certain ingredients like retinol or Coq10 which are when exposed to the sun can damage the skin. Also, result in irritation or allergy.

7) Do not pull your skin while moisturizing

Always apply moisturizer in a circular and upward motion. Do not pull the skin while moisturizing and pulling it downwards. Pat under your eye area. This will help in maintaining the youthful skin and save you from early aging.

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