Instagram Guides- A new blogging platform

Instagram Guides are the latest feature of Instagram which provides a platform to share content in the story and blog post form. Instagram which is usually considered a Visual platform can now be helpful as a blog platform as well for content creators, especially those who love writing or Journalling.

Guides were initially started for mental health awareness. It is developed keeping in mind the consumption of content on Instagram. 

Guides give users the option to post for 3Ps – Posts, Places, and Products.

What makes Guides special and different?

Instagram Guides

1) Story Telling option for good content creators to boost their already posted content in a brand new way

2) There is no rat race for Likes, Comments, Views, or Share unlike the other features of Instagram(or any other social media platform)

3) Brands can decently introduce their product by posting a blog post describing the product and its features.

4) This has been mainly developed for providing Tips and Recommendations rather than promotion. The focus of the guide is to help not to make a business out of it which has been the initial concept.

5) Content is the King, Or I should Say Original Content is the King. There is no place for plagiarism and copy-paste in guides. The one who is posting the guide ought to be unique and would stand only for quality. Your style of presenting content must be your style.

6) It would reach people who are not on your follower list if they find your content good.

A picture indeed tells a thousand stories, but words make an unusual and everlasting impact and generate more interest in any content.

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